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McDonald’s April Fools’ Day joke about new burger angers customers


McDonald’s Australia unveils McPickle burger for April Fools’ Day

On Monday, McDonald’s tried to joke on April Fool’s Day and made some Australian customers angry, which made them in trouble.
The fast-food chain posted a video on Twitter claiming it is adding a new burger microphone to the Australian menu. Microphone

enthusiasts, this is the message you have been waiting for. We are very keen to announce the launch of our new McPickle Burger,” wrote on Instagram. “It’s time to add juicy, delicious kimchi between melted cheese, ketchup and roasted sesame buns.

It will definitely be a pleasure for all your senses. #dailynuggets #mcpickle #pickleoverload #maccas #imlovinit”

The video looks very convincing and shows a two-tiered burger with kimchi, cheese and ketchup. While some users have caught this joke, other kimchi fanatics think this is a real menu addition.

I want to order 1000, “Instagram User Reviews. This is a burger designed for me,” one fan wrote.

Another person interjected that “the kimchi problem has been solved.” I want this now,”

one user said. This is perfect,” another fan wrote.

The facts quickly began to unravel, and some people’s initial dislike of the “new” burger became awful.

McDonald’s Australia also commented in its post, “It wasn’t useful until yesterday.” If this is a April Fool’s joke, it’s crazy, “one commented, and another wrote, “Why this must be a fool.

Festival of mischief. Although this is definitely a stupid joke in April, I will order this and you will know, “A woman said. This should not be a joke,” one comment said.

However, some people say that the new burger will be a “rough” supplement.

McDonald’s Australia said in a statement on news.com.au that they are happy that Australian customers like this joke, but will not say whether they will join MacPier on the menu in the future. We know that there are a lot of love for our famous kimchi, and McPherson burgers are sure to let people talk about them. We are very happy that Australians like our April Fools’ Day joke! “McDonald’s said.



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