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History of Retail Forex Trading

Since you know very little about Forex, you may want to start your pippin’ adventure.

But before you start your journey, you need one more thing… the actual account of a broker!

Of course, we want you to work with the broker to provide the right services for your individual needs, so we decided to propose this section to guide you in thinking about the right things in your choices!

History of Retail Forex Trading
History of Retail Forex Trading  

But first, we will first revisit the history page to see how the broker is resurrected.

Say the best things that the power of the Internet brings us. YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, BabyPips.com… Yes, these are great.
But what we want to talk about is the biggest gift for you and my forex fans: retail forex trading!

In fact, if it is not because of the birth of online forex brokers, forex fans may not exist.

You know, in the 1990s, participating in the retail foreign exchange market was much more difficult due to higher transaction costs.

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At the time, the government was as close to the exchange as the strict parents, limiting their activities. After a while, the CFTC decided to be enough.

They passed several bills, the Commodity Trading Act and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which opened the door for online forex brokers.

Since almost everyone has access to a global website, opening an account with a Forex broker is easy and convenient. Various forex brokers have emerged here and there, eager to take advantage of the booming foreign exchange industry.
But now there are many options, it is a little difficult to distinguish between good brokers and evil brokers.

We are not joking, the so-called car shop, we will discuss it later.


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