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Burger King thinks a vegan burger has a shot at popularity on its menu


A US fast food chain in the name of selling beef is considering focusing its marketing behind a new vegan option.

According to Bloomberg, Burger King is adjusting the idea of placing plant items at the front end and center of the menu. The 65-year-old chain is testing Impossible Burger in 59 restaurants in and around St. Louis, Missouri. Burger King has less than 18,000 locations in about 100 countries.

Most of them are in the United States. The chain is testing impossible burgers, indicating that more and more people are turning to plant-based burgers as a substitute for dairy cows.

Some vegetarian foods have been served on Burger King’s menu, including basic vegetable pies made by MorningStar Farm. What’s interesting about adding Impossible Foods burgers is that, unlike vegetarian pies, it really seeks to mimic the look, taste and texture of meat.

These plant-based high-tech burgers are not just to appease vegetarians. Rather, they are designed to reach out to a omnivorous mass of people interested in “alternative proteins.” Yes, this is the language used by large food companies to talk about this topic, and Burger King is not the first restaurant chain to accept it.

White Castle added Impossible Burger to the menu last year. Many mainstream grocery chains are now based on actual meat cases, the plant-based Beyond Meat burger – the main competitor of the impossible food company. Tyson Foods executives, the largest meat producer in the US, have called Tyson “protein companies” rather than meat companies.

(The investment in Beyond Meat and the cell culture meat company Memphis Meat Company also invested in this fund.)

It is very popular everywhere, “Tyson’s former CEO Tom Hayes told Fox Business in March 2017. People want protein. Therefore, whether it is animal-based or plant-based, they all have an appetite for it. At this point, plant-based proteins are almost growing faster than animal-based proteins, so I think migration may continue to move in this direction. “

Now, two years later, Burger King decided to test the feasibility of the Impossible Foods burger on his fast food menu, which is another example of how the trend is developing. If the menu item is successful with Burger King’s customers, it will be a signal that the plant protein market has arrived and there is plenty of room for development.

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